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Legendary (2019)

Tyga   legendary

Kyoto (2018)

Tyga   kyoto

Bugatti Raww (2017)

Tyga   bugatti raww

BitchImTheShit2 (2017)

Tyga   bitchimtheshit2

Rawwest Alive (2016)

Tyga   rawwest alive

Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout (2015)

Tyga   fuk wat they talkin bout

The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty (2015)

Tyga   the gold album 18th dynasty

Fan of a Fan: The Album (with Chris Brown) (2015)

Tyga   chris brown   fan of a fan the album

Well Done 4 (2013)

Tyga   well done iv

Hotel California (2013)

Tyga   hotel california

187 (2012)

Tyga   187

Well Done 3 (2012)

Tyga   well done 3

Careless World: Rise of the Last King (2012)

Tyga   careless world rise of the last king

#BitchImTheShit (2011)

Tyga    bitchimtheshit

Well Done 2 (2011)

Tyga   well done 2

Black Thoughts, Vol. 2 (2011)

Tyga   black thoughts 2

Well Done (2010)

Tyga   well done

Fan Of A Fan (with Chris Brown) (2010)

Tyga   chris brown   fan of a fan

Outraged and Underage (2009)

Tyga   outraged and underage

Black Thoughts (2009)

Tyga   black thoughts

The Potential (2009)

Tyga   the potential

The Free Album (2009)

Tyga   the free album

Slaughter House (2008)

Tyga   slaughter house

No Introduction (2008)

Tyga   no introduction

No Introduction – The Series: May 10 (2008)

Tyga   no introduction the series may 10

No Introduction – The Series: April 10 (2008)

Tyga   no introduction the series april 10

Young On Probation (2007)

Tyga   young on probation