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Blame It On Baby (2020)

Dababy   blame it on baby

Kirk (2019)

Dababy   kirk

Baby On Baby (2019)

Dababy   baby on baby

Blank Blank (2018)

Dababy   blank blank

Baby Talk 5 (2018)

Dababy   baby talk 5

Baby Talk 4 (2017)

Dababy   baby talk 4

Back On My Baby Jesus Shit (2017)

Dababy   back on my baby jesus shit

Baby Talk 3 (2017)

Dababy   baby talk 3

Billion Dollar Baby (2017)

Dababy   billion dollar baby

Baby Talk 2 (2017)

Dababy   baby talk 2

Baby Talk (2017)

Dababy   baby talk

God's Work Resurrected (2016)

Dababy   god s work resurrected

God's Work (as Baby Jesus) (2016)

Dababy   god s work

The 10 Minute Mixtape (as Baby Jesus) (2015)

Dababy   the 10 minute mixtape

So Disrespectful (as Baby Jesus) (2015)

Dababy   so disrespectful

NonFiction (as Baby Jesus) (2015)

Dababy   nonfiction