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In My Zone 2 Mixtape

Chris brown   in my zone 2

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Artist: Chris Brown
Release date: 11/27/2010


1) Ms. Breezy (ft. Gucci Mane)
2) Shit Got Damn (ft. Big Sean)
3) Talk That Shit
4) My Girl Like Them Girls (ft. J Valentine)
5) F*ck Um All (ft. Kevin McCall & Diesel)
6) Christmas Came Today (ft. Seven)
7) Glitter (ft. Big Sean)
8) What U Doin (ft. Big Sean)
9) Drop Rap (ft. Petey Pablo)
10) AWOL
11) Seen Her Naked
12) Last Time Together
13) All Off (ft. Seven & Kevin McCall)
14) Life Itself (ft. Kevin McCall)
15) Sex Love (ft. Lonny, Bereal & Seven)
16) Another You
17) Boing
18) Quits (ft. Kevin McCall)
19) You Want Me (ft. Seven)
20) Put Your Hands In The Air