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Fan of a Fan Mixtape (with Tyga)

Chris brown   fan of a fan mixtape

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Artist: Chris Brown
Release date: 5/16/2010


1) Intro
2) What They Want
3) Drop Top Girl
4) Deuces (ft. Kevin McCall)
5) No Bullshit
6) 48 Bar Rap
7) Ballin (ft. Kevin McCall)
8) Middle
9) Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout You (ft. Bow Wow)
10) Like A Virgin Again (ft. Kevin McCall)
11) Have It (ft. Kevin McCall)
12) Number One (ft. Kevin McCall)
13) Make Love
14) I'm So Raw
15) I'm On it (ft. Lil Wayne)
16) Movin 2 Fast
17) Regular Girl
18) Outro
19) G-Shit [Bonus track]
20) Holla at Me [Bonus track]