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G eazy 03202018

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Everything's Strange Here (2020)

G eazy   everything s strange here

Scary Nights EP (2019)

G eazy   scary nights

B-Sides EP (2019)

G eazy   b sides

The Vault EP (2018)

G eazy   the vault

The Beautiful & Damned (2017)

G eazy   the beautiful   damned

Step Brothers EP (with Carnage) (2017)

G eazy   carnage   step brothers ep

When It's Dark Out (2015)

G eazy   when it s dark out

These Things Happen (2013)

G eazy   these things happen

Must Be Nice (2012)

G eazy   must be nice

The Endless Summer (2011)

G eazy   endless summer

The Outsider (2011)

G eazy   the outsider

Big (2010)

G eazy   big

The Epidemic LP (2009)

G eazy   the epidemic lp

Quarantine (2009)

G eazy   quarantine

The Sikkis On The Planet (2009)

G eazy   the sikkis on the planet

The Tipping Point (2008)

G eazy   the tipping point