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Chris Brown - Undecided

Added January 04, 2019

Music video by Chris Brown off "Indigo".

Directed by Scott Storch. Album title is not confirmed.

Check out our Chris Brown Artist Page for more videos!

Tee Grizzley - We Dreamin

Added January 04, 2019

Music video by Tee Grizzley off "Still My Moment".

Directed by Diego.

Album out now.

Justin Stone - Return

Added January 03, 2019

Music video by Justin Stone off "Homecoming".

Directed by The Camacho Brothers.

Produced by Nagra Beats. Album out now.

The Black Eyed Peas - BACK 2 HIPHOP

Added December 18, 2018

Music video by The Black Eyed Peas off "Masters Of The Sun Vol. 1".

Directed by Pasha Shapiro.

Concept by | Cinematography by Tigran Mutafyan | Art direction by Vyacheslav Zadiranov.

Avril Lavigne - Tell Me It's Over

Added December 14, 2018

Music video by Avril Lavigne off "Head Above Water".

Directed by Erica Silverman.

Album due out 2/15/2019.

Janelle Monáe - Crazy, Classic, Life

Added December 12, 2018

Music video by Janelle Monáe off "Dirty Computer".

Album out now.

Usher & Zaytoven - Peace Sign

Added December 12, 2018

Music video by Usher & Zaytoven off "A".

Directed by Yoni Lappin.

Production Company - Freenjoy | EP - Nathan Scherrer, Wandie Kabule, Julia Ochsenreiter | Produced by Jeremy Hartman | Los Angeles DP - Joe Cook | Atlanta Line Producer - Maya Table | Atlanta DP - Todd Martin | Edited by Nate Gross at Exile Edit | Colored by Jason Wallis at Electric Theater Collective | Film provided by Kodak

Eminem ft. Jessie Reyez - Good Guy

Added December 07, 2018

Music video by Eminem featuring Jessie Reyez off "Kamikaze".

Album out now.

Check out our Eminem Artist Page and "Kamikaze" Album Page for more videos!

Josh Pan - Take Your Time

Added December 07, 2018

Music video by Josh Pan off "The World Within EP".

Directed by Daniel Henry.

EP out now | Production Company - Villa House | Executive Producer - Jimmy Sudekum | Producer - Henry Reed | DP - Trevor Wineman | 1st AC - Ajiri Akpolo | Gaffer - Brendan Kenney | Art Director - Honor Hamilton | Set Decorator - Brandon Clark | Production Assistant - Karla Mera

Marc E. Bassy - Treat Me So Bad

Added December 07, 2018

Music video by Marc E. Bassy off "Postmodern Depression".

EP out now.