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Carlie Hanson - Stealing All My Friends

Added June 27, 2020

Music video by Carlie Hanson .

Directed by Danielle DeGrasse-Alston.

Guapdad 4000 ft. Denzel Curry - Lil Scammer That Could

Added June 27, 2020

Music video by Guapdad 4000 featuring Denzel Curry .

Directed by Chris Simmons.

DaBaby ft. Roddy Ricch - Rockstar

Added June 27, 2020

Music video by DaBaby featuring Roddy Ricch off "Blame It On Baby".

Directed by Reel Goats.

Produced by Spicy Rico | Executive Produced by DaBaby | Production Manager: Shaq Gonzoe | Production Coordinator : Gemini | Assistant Director : Gabi Rico | DP: Logan Meis & James Rico | Steadicam : Aser Santos | A/C : Phillip Hoang | Production Assistant : Robin James | Production Assistant: Kosmic Shots | Production Assistant: Nae | VFX : Scissor Films | VFX: Joe Grayem.

Check out our DaBaby Artist Page and "Blame It On Baby" Album Page for more videos!

H.E.R. - I Can't Breathe

Added June 27, 2020

Music video by H.E.R. .

Directed by Shane Adams.

6LACK ft. Lil Baby - Know My Rights

Added June 27, 2020

Music video by 6LACK featuring Lil Baby off "6pc Hot EP".

Directed by JMP.

EP out now | DP - Mike Koziel | Producer - Jiorgi Miller | 1st AC - Bruna Valor | 2nd AC - Leonard Nguyen | PA - Will Sitton | Edit - Chaz Smedley & JMP | Color - Mike Koziel & JMP | Cars- Pink Flamingo | Additional Footage - Cristian Bernal | Production Company - JMP VISUALS LLC.

Check out our 6LACK Artist Page and "6pc Hot EP" Album Page for more videos!

G-Eazy - Had Enough

Added June 27, 2020

Music video by G-Eazy off "Everything's Strange Here".

Directed by Lauren Dunn.

Album out now | Prod. Co. : Happy Place | EP: Tara Razavi | Creative Producer: Matt Bauerschmidt | Dir. Rep: Emily Sanders, Reveur Agency | Producer Valerie Bush | Producer: Nicolette Moreno | Production Coordinator: Sarahi Salazar | Management: The Revels Group, Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis | Chief Staff Manager: Kathleen Wathen | Creative Art Director: Jessie Camp | DP: Russ Fraser | Steadicam: Bill Hunt | 1st AC Bobby Pavlovsky | 1st AC: Sergey Nikitenko | Camera PA: Angelo Clarizio | Electric: Sven Van Ostrand | Gaffer: Dimitri Christofordis | Gaffer: Graham Wade | Key Grip: Taylor Reick | Grip: Chris Ginnaven | Prod. Designer: Haley Appell | Art Director: Cameron Nawaz | Set Decorator: Hensel Martinez | Post Producer: Tony Stackhouse | Post Coordinator: Brandon Moody | Editor: Julian Conner, Frame48 | Compositor: Enrique De La Garza | Colorist: Jacob McKee, Forager Collective | Styling: Anastasia Walker | Grooming: Sabrina Bates-Whited.

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Marshmello & Halsey - Be King

Added June 27, 2020

Music video by Marshmello & Halsey .

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis.

Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio | EP: Luga Podesta, Brandon Bonfiglio, Andrew Lerios | DP: Rob Witt | Choreo: Dani Vitale | Editor: Eric Wysocki & Hannah Lux Davis | Production Company: London Alley | Choreographer: Dani Vitale | Assistant choreographer: Scott Myrick.

Polo G - 21

Added June 19, 2020

Music video by Polo G off "The Goat".

Directed by Cole Bennett.

Album out now | Song Produced by Khaled Rohaim & Keanu Beats | VFX by Scissor Films | Director of Photography - Logan Meis | Steadicam by Renard Cheren | Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino & Krista Worby.

Check out our Polo G Artist Page and "The Goat" Album Page for more videos!

Tory Lanez - Stupid Again

Added June 19, 2020

Music video by Tory Lanez off "The New Toronto 3".

Directed by Christian Breslauer.

Project out now.

Check out our Tory Lanez Artist Page and "The New Toronto 3" Album Page for more videos!

Tyga - Vacation

Added June 19, 2020

Music video by Tyga .

Directed by Tyga, Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin.

Producer: Andrea Saavedra | Production Company: UnderWonder Content | Director of Photography: Maz Makhani | Editor: Ivanna Borin | Colorist: Joseph Bicknell @ Co3 | Art Director: Wes Dugan | VFX: Cameo FX & Roman Onufriychuk.

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